S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. Paper
1. Two constraint preconditioners for generalized saddle point problems+
Cui-Xia Li, Shi-Liang Wu
01-04 pdf
2. Thevenin analysis of alternating current R-C circuit for teaching and learning of electric circuit subject
Ishak Annuar
05-08 pdf
3. Optimization of culture conditions and process parameter (pH)to enhance the production of DHA by using Schizochytrium sp. in submerged batch fermentation
Ved Prakash Jangir, Anjali Pande, Snehlata, Ranjana, Deepak Prasad, Muskan Choudhary, Harshpal Singh
09-13 pdf
4. Optimization of Separant Displacement in Artificial Barrier Height-Control Hydraulic Fracture
Lu Haibing, Wang Xin, Yi Xinbin, Jiang Wei, Wang Tian, Sun Ting
14-22 pdf
5. Classification, Properties and Applications of titanium and its alloys used in aerospace, automotive, biomedical and marine industry- A Review
Sani A. Salihu, Y.I. Suleiman, A. I. Eyinavi, Abdullahi Usman
23-36 pdf
6. Qualities Requirement forTeachers of Metal Works Technologyfor Efficient ServicesDelivery for Global Competitiveness
Beako, Y. T, Okagwa P. O, Dr Hillary Wordu
37-43 pdf
7. Financial Support for Social Entrepreneur in Engineering Project for the Community
Rohanna Rajan, Ishak Bin Annuar
44-47 pdf
8. Effects of pH and substrate availability on the half saturation coefficient and kinetics of ammonium oxidizing bacteria
Junmin Park, Wookeun Bae
48-49 pdf
9. Partial Oxidation of Ammonium and Methane by Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria in a Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor
Junmin Park, Wookeun Bae
50-52 pdf
10. The question of school failure in the Republic of Congo
Elenga Bibiane Dorothée
53-59 pdf