International Journal of Precious Engineering Research and Applications

  • ISSN: 2456-2734


S. No. Manuscript Title & Author Name Page No. Paper
1. Development of Fast Performance Evaluation Algorithm to Optimize the Efficiency of the Cooley-Turkey Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm for Dip
Amannah, H.C. Inyiama
01-15 pdf
2. Partial replacement of sand by granite powder in concrete
Narmatha.M, Vishali.G, Noveena.S, Uthra Megala.R
16-20 pdf
3. Development of A Robotic Pick-Up Material Handling Arm
Ejiko, S. O., Aluko, F. I., Oladimeji, E. A.
21-36 pdf
4. Formation of Complete Bipartite Graphs Using Quaternary Complex Hadamard Matrices
W. V. Nishadi, K. D. E. Dhananjaya, A. A. I. Perera, P. Gunathilake
37-40 pdf
5. Analysis of Direct Current Resistive Circuit by Thevenin Method for Electric Circuit Subject
Ishak Annuar, Mazlina Mansor Hassan, Ahmad Nurrizal Muhammad, Bibi Sarpinah Sheikh Naimullah, Noor Azland Jainudin, Dzufi Iszura Ispawi
41-45 pdf
6. Investigation of Surface Hardening of Medium Carbon Steel Using Snail and Melon Shells
Sebastineaondover Bam, J. N. Akaaza
46-48 pdf
7. The Influence Of History And Cultural Life Towards People's Mindset, In Relation To The Spatial Systemsof Tenganan Pagringsingan, Karangasem - Bali
I Wayan Runa, I Nyoman Warnata
49-63 pdf
8. Evaluating The Mineral Composition Of Four Varieties Of African Yam Bean At Afikpo Region Of Ebonyi State In Nigeria
Peter Anyigor Okorie
64-66 pdf
9. Psychosocial Factors And Their Relation Between Work Accidents Among Outsourced Construction Workers
Roberta Zaninelli Do Nascimento Zarpelão, Milva Maria Figueiredo De Martino, Isabel Cristina Kowal Olm Cunha, Cláudia Maria Sodré Vieira
67-71 pdf
10. Analysis Of Physiochemical And Phytochemical Properties Of Abakaliki-Indigenous Nigerian Melon (Isekele) Seed Flour
Peter Anyigor Okorie
72-76 pdf